Translations: The Word.

The Word.

(While we recognize there are many useful translations of the Holy Word, as Disciples of Christ our souls long to hear the Words as they were originally spoken or written. With that in mind we tend to focus our study on the King James Version for various reasons but mostly because it is the closest English translation of the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek manuscripts.)

King James Version (KJV) – While no translation is 100% word-for-word, this is the closest translation. After having studied many of the other versions, this is the one that speaks the most Truth to us, which is why it has become our most referenced source. (Until we finish learning Hebrew of course…;) *

New King James Version (NKJV) – This is also very close to Word-for-Word but translates some words that don’t need changing, which is why we tend to stay away from this version if possible. (Please understand this is only our personal understanding and will be different for everyone.)

New American Standard Bible (NASB) – Another ‘word-for-word’ translation that uses more contemporary language. A very useful version for anyone seeking the Truth of the word. While it’s easier to read it may not hold as much passion and poetry as contained in the KJV. *

New International Version (NIV) – This version is what they refer to as a ‘meaning-to-meaning’ translation. These can sometimes reflect the personal doctrine of the translators, another reason we tend to stay away from this type of translation now, but it can be useful when First starting to read the Bible, as these versions are much easier to read.

English Standard Version (ESV) – The ESV is another ‘meaning-to-meaning’ translation and is a preferred version some use when looking for readability. *

Another type of translation is the paraphrased versions. These versions are very important in spreading the Word and making it accessible to everyone. It must be said, these versions often hold extreme doctrinal points-of-view and should be approached with caution.
(The Message, The Amplified Bible, The Living Bible)

*(our recommended versions)

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